What Our fantastic Patients Say

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Jennifer V.

“Great place! First off, I love that their hours of business accommodate my schedule. My usual off days are either Friday or Saturday, and most dentist offices are either closed those days or closed early. I came at 4PM on a Saturday and was seen right away. Everything felt very clean, modern and high tech. I filled out my paper work on a tablet, this was the first time I did something like that so it was pretty cool. After they took an X-ray of my teeth, they showed it on the TV screen above me, and I also got to see what my teeth and inside of my mouth looked like through this camera that showed video feedback through the TV. Again, something I've never seen before, and also pretty cool. Dr. Rami was very nice and explained the procedures that needed to be done as well as the costs. I have this one really sensitive tooth and my previous doctor told me I needed a root canal, then he told me I needed a filling, then I needed a couple fillings, and my insurance only covered some of it and I had to pay like $100 out of pocket... When I went to Dr. Rami, he told me that I just needed one small filling and my insurance fully covers it. Everything was very quick and simple. Before he cleaned my teeth he told me to raise my hand if anything hurt too much, but nothing was unbearable. Also, the massage chair and Netflix were pretty good distractions. Overall, a great dentist office. Both Dr. Rami and his assistant (sorry I don't know your name!) were very kind and helpful. I would definitely come back.”

Leslie G.

"Dr. Rami Was great, perfect location across street from Montrose Kroger. Clean office , high tech, speedy. I would definitely recommend. They took my insurance , blue cross blue shield."

Lee C.

“Very great establishment. Netflix, ROKU stick and massage chairs while you're getting worked on. I had a cleaning & one cavity fixed. Whole appt only lasted and hour & a half with very little wait/down time. The dentist is very knowledgable and has a very pleasant & positive attitude. They use all the latest dental technology and the office is very clean with an luxury feel. Glad my old Denist retired. Takes blue cross blue shield PPO coverage. Looking forward to my 6 month check up.”

Zain R

"I won't go into any details about my procedure because ew who wants to know all the mouthy deets but Dr. Rami is extremely professional, to the point, and knows what he's doing. Someone described the place as a state of the art facility and they are not making that up. It's super clean, staff is very professional, and he is very hands on with the entire process from the beginning to the end. Normally when you go to a dentist's office (just like a PCP's office) you just sit and wait and wait but he actually sees you at your actual appointment time. He gave me a retainer to wear at night because apparently my teeth grind while I am sleeping. I guess grinding takes a toll on you after you grindr so much. jk. lol. Anyways, I love that he has Netflix at his clinic and I watched Cutthroat Kitchen and Family Guy the whole time while I was there. Can't think of one negative thing about this place."

Vara P.

"This place really helped me out! I have pretty great teeth, that I take good care of, but some minor pain became major pain, and I had no idea why it was there! By late Thursday night I realized I needed a dentist asap, my usual one was closed on Fridays, and I had just lost my dental insurance, but this was too urgent. I was in too much pain. I called Montrose A. Dentistry first thing Friday morning, when I saw they were open and nearby. They really had no way to schedule me, but heard how much pain I was in, and were kind enough to squeeze me in. The office is nice, and very new. The waiting room is tiny. The patient rooms are quite nice and modern, with personal tvs, and massaging patient chairs. I really liked the dentist. He too was confused by the cause of my pain, but spoke to me about all possible causes. He agreed to do a deep clean, and gave me options for other possible remedies. As I was already in a lot of pain, the deep clean hurt a lot, but he tried to help me stay numb through it. The deep clean did solve my problem!! I must've had microscopic food under the gum of a few teeth. Hours after the cleaning I realized I was all better, and could eat without pain again! I will likely go back for other dental needs, and would definitely recommend to friends!"